Build a Predictable

Sales Funnel

Do you ever wonder how businesses make consistent sales?

If you’ve ever tried to sell anything, then you know how hard it can be. You might make a sale, but getting to the point where you can generate predictable revenue is tough.

Successful businesses don’t just make sales here and there. They make sales consistently and with high enough volume that they can comfortably hire full time employees. They know that despite having regular expenses, they are going to be profitable.

so how do they do it?

The key to making consistent sales is creating a predictable sales funnels.

My course will teach you how to create a predictable sales funnel using virtual assistants. Sure, if you google Outbound LinkedIn Sales Funnels, you’ll find numerous agencies that will do this. I’m cutting out the middle man.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars at an agency, when my Sales Track will teach you how to train your virtual assistant to do this for you.

Core + Lead Generation

Here’s how we help you maximize sales:

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create a predictable sales funnel.

Convert leads into customers

in this track you will learn …

Create a predictable sales funnel

Optimize your social media profiles to convert leads

Write cold email marketing scripts

This track includes everything in the CORE Program plus …

Hiring templates to help you find the perfect virtual assistant to optimize your automated campaign

Creative brief templates to test your Lead Gen VA superstar

Templates to help you niche down their offer for automated outbound


start turning leads into cash, right now.